“The idea of the autonomous robot disguises all the human labour behind it”: An Interview with Teresa Heffernan

An image of Wall-E

Lizzie Wright spoke to Professor Teresa Heffernan about the relationship between robot fictions and real-life robots, the films Wall-E and Ex Machina, and the importance of remembering the materiality — and material cost — of technology. This is an edited extract of their conversation. Teresa Heffernan is Professor of English Language and Literature at Saint … Read more

An Interview with Conor McGinn

The humanoid robot Stevie raises his arms and smiles

Lizzie Wright speaks to designer, inventor and roboticist Dr Conor McGinn, CEO at Akara Robotics. Conor previously worked at NASA and the Robotics and Innovation Lab at Trinity College Dublin. His designs include the award-winning robot Stevie, Ireland’s first socially assistive AI robot.